Free Success Planning Webinars Released

Federal Way, WA – Ty Belknap, CEO of MyCoach.Life, has created four Webishops (webinars/workshops) in the free Success Planning Series to date. Subjects range from: Success Begins with Why, What Are Your Core Values, Your Edict (or Mission), and Developing Your Strategic Vision. The final Webishop in the Success Planning series, Your Game Plan, will be out in June of 2017.

“These Webishops are designed to help people create a better future for their life, business, career and marriage. It’s about taking time to plan for your amazing tomorrow,” said Dr. Belknap.

About MyCoach.Life
MyCoach.Life (, a Federal Way, WA based company, opened in 2015 and is run by Dr. Ty Belknap, who holds the distinction of Doctor in Life Coaching, a degree held by fewer than 200 people in the world.

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