Free short stories for kids stuck at home during the pandemic.

Middle grade adventure and mystery author, Max Elliot Anderson, posts free short stories for kids who are stuck at home these days. “Buddy’s BIG Surprise” joins “Grandpa’s Old Oak Tree” and “Willy The Wrong Way Rabbit” today. Kids can read these entertaining stories or parents can read them aloud.

Mr. Anderson is also the author of nearly 30 adventure and mystery chapter books for young leaders. In addition, his book for older readers, “The Sense Of Humor” is perfect for the times in which we are living. And who doesn’t need a good laugh right now?

Willy the wrong way rabbit always does things the wrong way. Grandpa’s Old Oak Tree deals with the sensitive subject of a death in the family. And poor Buddy mistakenly thinks he’s useless with no purpose in his miserable life.

These stories will help entertain kids while they wait, along with the rest of us, for life to return to normal. The stories also teach positive life lessons.