Fragrance Creators Applauds the House’s Passage of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act

Fragrance Creators Association President and CEO Farah K. Ahmed issued the following statement after the House of Representatives’ passage of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act, H.R. 4996:
“Fragrance Creators applauds the House’s passage of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act. Ocean shipping is a critical aspect of our economic circulatory system and — like many industries facing supply chain disruptions — the fragrance value chain is facing significant delays in both imports and exports. Our members create, supply and use scents in personal care and beauty, cleaning and disinfecting, and other products we all enjoy each day, and in our homes, school, hospitals, plants, food processing facilities, and more.  
“The fragrance industry contributes billions to the U.S. economy and is a driver of over 200,000 well-paying jobs. Our members remain at the forefront of green innovation and advancing ethical sourcing in the U.S. and around the world. Fragrance is a critical input into essential products — masking unpleasant odors in cleaning products that would otherwise render them unusable, encouraging the safe use of cleaning and sanitizing products, and fighting malodors that can reduce quality of life. Studies have also shown that scents contribute to emotional wellbeing by enhancing memory, increase relaxation and sleep and more.
“Fragrance industry disruptions have ripple effects down the supply chain, resulting in consumers experiencing increased prices and empty shelves. The Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2021 addresses these negative impacts by putting in place common sense reforms to address long-standing maritime shipping issues, which have only been exasperated by the COVID-19 pandemic. While this bill cannot solve all the supply chain challenges our industry is facing, it will go a long way to address some of our core maritime issues.
“We applaud the House of Representatives for passing this essential bill and strongly urge the Senate to do so as well. Fragrance Creators was pleased to work with a significant number of Congressional offices to help build support of this bill. Our members are committed to empowering the association to continue our active engagement with the Senate to address supply chain disruptions and to advance good for the country growth — for people, perfume, and the planet.”
Fragrance Creators Association is the principal fragrance trade association. The organization leverages its network of over 1,000 multidisciplinary scientists as it represents the majority of fragrance manufacturing in the U.S. and Canada. Fragrance Creators’ diverse membership includes innovative companies that create, manufacture, and use fragrances and scents for home care, personal care, home design, fine fragrance, and industrial and institutional products as well as those that supply fragrance ingredients, including natural extracts and other raw materials that are used in perfumery and fragrance mixtures. The association also produces The Fragrance Conservatory, the comprehensive digital resource for high-quality information about fragrance. Learn more about Fragrance Creators at
Katie Cross
Source: Fragrance Creators Association