‘Four Good Days’ Movie Staring Mila Kunis Brings Raise Awareness for Addiction, as Explained by Through the Archway

As ‘Four Good Days’ hits movie theaters, it helps all of us realize how addiction is a disease that affects the whole family. Mila Kunis plays Molly who is a struggling heroin addict. Her mother, Deb played by Glenn Close, is at her wits end on how to help her daughter and faced with a decision on how to truly help her. 
This is an all too common struggle that families and friends go through. It’s important to understand that providing meaningful help to their loved ones requires family and friends to have a good grasp of the addiction disease. Also, those helping must be able to continue to practice self-care while supporting their loved one. Many family and friends get burned out using tactics that only enable their loved ones’ addiction. 
Here are three tips on how to help:
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Source: Through The Archway