Former model releases ‘NEXT GIRL: Based on a True Story,’ a harrowing narrative of her twisted relationship with a prominent doctor

After an extravagant courtship, Sophia’s life becomes intertwined with his, and she becomes isolated from everyone she loves. As the facade cracks and the relationship descends into an unexpected and dark place, the readers will be glued to the pages to see if she will make it out alive.

From the emotional and physical abuse to the lies and manipulations, the detailed storyline will have readers at Sophia’s side through it all, and they will be holding their breath to see how it all ends — especially when Dr. Bobby’s dark past and terrifying reality come to the forefront of their shared lives.

A trail of terrorized women emerges as Sophia discovers his secrets and gains leverage. But she soon realizes he has no intention of letting her go, and as they slip further down the rabbit hole, she begins to morph into him. He is an excellent teacher, and she finds herself exacting the same emotional pain and revenge onto him as he’d done to so many others. He is stunned – blindsided by her actions, leading to a bloody catharsis. A gritty memoir filled with suspense and drama, NEXT GIRL: Based on a True Story will have readers wondering what their lover’s agenda has been all along, and who they are really sleeping next to.

Sophia V. Biondi is an author, a former model with FORD Models, a published food writer, and former publicist. As a multiracial American, Sophia is a curious kitten when it comes to embracing different cultures, lifestyles, and challenges. Her passion for travel has taken her to 47 countries and 49 states. She enjoys spending time with close friends and her dog, cooking, and swimming. She lives a quiet, private life in New England.

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