Forensic Risk Alliance (FRA) Joins Hands with Knovos to Enhance eDiscovery and Data Management Offerings for Global Clients

Knovos announced the signing of a partnership agreement with Forensic Risk Alliance (FRA), a leading forensic accounting, data governance , technology solutions and forensics consulting firm to provide new-age eDiscovery and Data Management offerings for its global clients. Together, Knovos and FRA in this multi-year alliance will focus on helping clients to change the way they interact with data.

Under this strategic alliance, Knovos will provide eZReview – an end-to-end eDiscovery solution and data management technology to FRA, that FRA will further offer within its solutions for Data Governance, Technology Solutions and Forensics global practice. eZReview’ innovative technology and the powerful interface will empower data forensics experts and advisory consultants to gain power over the entire eDiscovery process from processing, ECA (early case assessment), review to production.

eZReview is also equipped with TAR (Technology Assisted Review) to perform a quick review, and its built-in analytics engine enables multi-dimensional analysis of the data. Additionally, Early Case Assessment (ECA) and Knowledge Repository module will enable FRA clients to significantly reduce data volume, conduct exploratory analysis, and devise strategy early in a case. The built-in knowledge repository stores case documents and work product for access and usability, enhancing value across multiple projects. Certainly, eZReview is an excellent addition to the FRA offerings for its clients.

In the United States, France, and the United Kingdom region, FRA will have the first-mover advantage as the first consulting firm engaged in a global partnership to deploy eZReview. eZReview will be available from December 1, 2020, for its US clients, and January 2021 for its UK and French clients under the joint offerings of FRA-Knovos.

Knovos’ eZReview, with its innovative technology and immense capabilities, will help address significant challenges of large-scale cross-border investigations, litigation, and Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) responses. It will enable the FRA clients to gain complete control over their projects with a centrally managed, single-dashboard solution that eliminates the need for multiple products and complex integrations. What makes eZReview a cost-saving and efficient solution for eDiscovery data management solution is its operational prerequisite of significantly fewer resources than other solutions. eZReview enhances the entire eDiscovery data management cycle experience powered by its customized analytics engine to mine data for the key concepts, patterns, and intelligence. It then identifies the most relevant documents and delivers strategic insights needed to navigate a review or investigation process successfully.

Speaking on the alliance, Dharmesh Shingala, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Knovos said: “FRA’s dedication to technology diversity and research is unlike any other company in the space.”

He further added that; “the strategic partnership with FRA’s Data Governance, Technology Solutions, and Forensic global team members to deploy the enterprise application of our product is an exciting move for Knovos. This is our initiative to grow, expand, and strengthen our hybrid, connected, and intelligent offerings to the industry.”

“We are confident that this alliance will help our clients orchestrate their eDiscovery and data management process and result in significant efficiencies for them in the investigations and other high-stakes legal matters. FRA has been on our radar for many years; I am particularly excited to work with its Data Governance Technology Solutions and Forensics leaders Frances McLeod and Britt Endemann.”

“FRA has extensively researched and tested eZReview and is thrilled to be the first consultancy offering this product in the US, France, the UK, and European markets. We are deeply committed to identifying the best technology solutions to benefit our clients, which is why we recently launched our new think tank, FRA Pulse, to test and develop such products alongside technology entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. It is clear to us that eZReview is the most advanced and innovative eDiscovery and data management solution available today. We see tremendous value in its single-platform approach, early case assessment, TAR, processing and production, document review and analysis, and analytics, and are looking forward to delivering this value to our clients,” said Frances McLeod, Founding Partner and Co-head of Forensic Risk Alliance (FRA) – Data Governance, Technology Solutions, and Forensics practice.

Capitalizing on Knovos’ eZReview and Forensic Risk Alliance (FRA) clientele, this alliance will provide next-generation innovative solutions to the industry. With its in-house excellence and research unit, Knovos is continuously evolving its solutions to cater to the ‘new-age’ challenges.

About Knovos:
Knovos has a directive to change how the world interacts with data. For the past 18+years, Knovos has empowered leading law firms, corporations, consultants and government agencies across the globe to solve their data challenges, improve efficiencies and enhance security. Though Knovos has very recently opened up its technologies to be licensed and now they are available for on-premise or Azure & AWS deployments.

Knovos’ unparalleled suite of products eZReview, Cryptacomm, eZManage, Arbicomm, and nayaEdge facilitate end-to-end eDiscovery, collaboration & contract analysis, project management & legal hold, arbitration, and regulatory compliance & information governance. Knovos strength lies in the fact that all these innovative technologies have tremendous cross-function applications, which addresses complex data challenges of any nature. Knovos is a woman-owned organization headquartered in Washington, DC, with offices in Europe and Asia.

About FRA:
Forensic Risk Alliance [FRA], a leading forensic accounting, data governance, technology solutions, and forensics consulting firm, specializes in international corruption, sanctions, financial crime, fraud investigations, disputes, and accounting, audit and regulatory advisory services for major global corporations and law firms.

Since 1999, FRA’s forensic accounting, data governance, technology solutions, and forensics experts have leveraged best-in-class technology to help clients navigate complex legal and regulatory matters, as well as multi-jurisdictional investigations. For more than 20 years, FRA has offered extensive multi-jurisdictional data privacy, transfer, and protection expertise to help clients achieve their objectives in compliance, litigation, and investigations.

With over 230 employees, FRA is headquartered in London, with 10 additional offices across EMEA and the US. FRA has extensive cross-sector and cross-border experience and scalability, which it delivers anywhere in the world fielding globally integrated teams across both developed economies and emerging markets. FRA has worked in more than 75 countries and has language capabilities to speak over 40 languages.