Following More Than a Decade of Development, TM Technologies Demonstrates More Than 50% Increase in Data Efficiency for Telecom

TM Technologies, Inc. (“TM” or the “Company”) disclosed today that it has completed successful lab testing of a suite of Cognitive Spectrum Optimization wireless telecom-focused software and firmware in hardware at its engineering test facility in San Diego, California. The test follows integration of TM’s Digital Predistortion and Transpositional Modulation channels together with, and on top of, OFDM — the standards-based sophisticated modulation used within IoT devices operating within 5G. 
The TM methods for wireless communications operate within unlicensed or licensed spectrum and are designed to remain within the spectral mask allowed by the FCC to licensors such as the major mobile network operators. Covered by more than 70 issued and pending patents, TM operates by “cleaning up” signal noise and adding channels that are transposed, transparent and “invisible” to modern telecom transceivers, thereby providing added security features and not interfering with the main signal. 
The TM suite of technologies was developed in part by TM’s Chief Engineer Dr. Scott Velazquez as a result of 30 years of unique experience following his previous work and original research at the MIT Strobe Laboratory, MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics, and MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Dr. Velazquez noted, “The uniqueness of TM is that it not only provides a very significant increase in data efficiency with nearly any imaginable modulation method, but it also adds completely transparent channels, thus allowing for new and unique ways to accomplish spectrum-sharing, obfuscated data paths, and a myriad of other applications not otherwise possible. All of this is accomplished in-signal without interfering with the main signal channel. We are also creating and testing versions for Satellite signals and Near Field Communications (“NFC”). However, this Cognitive Spectrum Optimization version of TM for telecom, which we’ve just tested, can be of enormous economic benefit to users. Many spectrum owners have voiced that they would like to get more and higher revenue streams from their owned spectrum, and TM can provide a way for that.”
About TM Technologies, Inc.
With engineering and lab space in San Diego, California, and administrative offices in Little Switzerland, North Carolina, TM Technologies is a privately held, independent technology research, development and intellectual property firm founded in 2013. TM provides software licenses and integrative engineering to customers.
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