FNEX, a Private Securities Liquidity Platform, and Investment Bank, Surpasses Growth Expectations in 2022

FNEX, a leading private securities liquidity platform, and fintech-enabled investment bank, announced that it continued its trend in annual profitability and seeing its revenue increase significantly to more than $75M in 2022, despite a volatile equities market. FNEX attributes its success to a breadth of alternative financial product exposure including private stock transactions, real estate-based transactions, fund distribution, and M&A.
FNEX is projecting continued growth in 2023 particularly associated with its internal private stock Institutional Dark Pool, a proprietary software platform and data tool for FNEX investment bankers to match institutional private security transactions. The FNEX Dark Pool offers a confidential venue for institutions to source and transact large blocks of private securities, and provides details of bid/offer spreads, completed transaction metrics, and other proprietary market information.
With over 100 financial professionals around the world, FNEX focuses on providing discrete and highly confidential transaction representation in the private market. “Although we are a leading fintech platform, you cannot discount the impact of personal relationships in investment banking,” said Todd R. Ryden, CEO of FNEX.
For more information, visit www.FNEX.com.
Securities related transactions are offered through FNEX Capital, LLC. Member FINRA/SIPC.
Source: FNEX