FMC GlobalSat Becomes Official Starlink Reseller & Completes Network Integration for Maritime and Enterprise Customers

FMC GlobalSat Inc. (“FMC”), a global provider of ‘best-in-class’ satellite and wireless connectivity solutions, is pleased to announce it has become an authorized reseller of SpaceX’s Starlink, the world’s largest constellation of satellites in low Earth orbit, and will offer the service to its maritime and enterprise customers.
By adding Starlink’s revolutionary high-speed, low-latency, internet system to its offerings, FMC is providing disruptive and cost-effective connectivity solutions. The integration of Starlink to FMC’s innovative network platform provides a comprehensive end-to-end experience, seamlessly addressing the significant growth in global data consumption and expanding network convergence over 5G wireless and terrestrial fiber.
Implementing Starlink also further solidifies FMC’s market-leading vertical integration of telecommunication hubs, data centers, web hosting and worldwide connectivity services. Starlink coupled with FMC’s platform now further eliminates the burden of obsolete legacy network architecture and infrastructure with robust and resilient connectivity that is flexible and adaptable to the most discerning customers.
Emmanuel Cotrel, Chief Executive Officer of FMC, commented: “Starlink’s combination of network performance, ease of use and cost-effectiveness is incredibly disruptive and enables activities historically feasible only with fiber and 5G broadband. FMC’s innovative solutions integrated with Starlink’s connectivity enables applications and services that require low latency and significant Mbps of bandwidth, that were, until now, considered unrealistic or cost prohibitive.”  
About FMC GlobalSat 
Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – USA, FMC GlobalSat, and its wholly owned subsidiary Santander Teleport, is a global provider of best-in-class satellite and wireless solutions to businesses that require reliable, secure, and cost-effective Broadband and M2M connectivity solutions.
FMC GlobalSat has pioneered the delivery of converged connectivity solutions on a global scale by partnering with major wireless carriers and satellite communications providers that incorporate 5G wireless solutions across CDMA, GSM, and LTE networks and high- throughput satellite (HTS) communications and now Low Earth Orbit satellite network. Our networks incorporate Tier 1 carriers, and satellite infrastructure, 24/7 enterprise-grade global technical support organization, which enable us to provide SD-Wan, direct VPN, MPLS, SCPC and other network tunnels while optimizing data traffic routes. For more information about FMC GlobalSat, please visit 
Source: FMC GlobalSat Inc.