Fluitec’s Solvancer Received USPTO Trademark Registration

Fluitec is pleased to announce that Solvancer®, a patent-pending deposit control technology, has been registered as a trademark by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
Solvancer technology eliminates lubricant deposits such as varnish and sludge quickly, affordably and with no risk. Solvancer is the key ingredient in a number of Fluitec’s products including DECON, DECON AO, DECON AW, Boost VR+ and Infinity TO (Turbine Oil).
The combination of our in-depth expertise and industry-leading technology enables plant managers, maintenance managers and reliability engineers to easily reduce maintenance costs, increase reliability and efficiency while having a positive impact to their sustainability efforts. The use of these products which include Solvancer technology means solving bearing temperate issues, sticking servos, filter blockages and minimizing unexpected shutdowns without having to stop output or production.
Solvancer technology has proven very successful, with widespread adoption in petrochemical, power generation, mining, marine and manufacturing such as plastic mold injection equipment.
“We believe the registration of the Solvancer trademark with the USPTO helps strengthen the solutions branding in the markets we serve,” said Josh Wagner, Fluitec’s Director of Marketing and IT. “By further establishing and validating the Solvancer brand, we believe we can address the costly and persistent challenges lubricated and hydraulic equipment face today.”
About Fluitec:
Fluitec is the innovator to measure, monitor, decontaminate and extend the life of industrial fluids. Fluitec uses key technologies to transform lubricants into assets while reducing the impact on the environment. Fluitec has a team of internationally recognized experts that centers around increasing the reliability and profitability of manufacturing plants, rotating equipment and transportation industries. Fluitec’s technologies also reduce waste streams and lower CO2 output. Fluitec provides rapid return investments that allow our customers to merge economics with sustainability.
Press Contact: Josh Wagner | Director of Marketing & IT | press@fluitec.com | +1 201-946-4584
Source: Fluitec