Flotilla IoT introduces new features to its Fleet Management System

Flotilla IoT announces the introduction of new innovative features to its fleet management system. These features are added in the dashboard and monitoring modules with a purpose to make them more convenient and user friendly.

New features have already been implemented on Flotilla IoT’s fleet management software and are fully functional. The details of these new functionalities are listed below:

New Features in Dashboard:
• ‘Geofence’ option is added in the main dashboard display which shows names of all the geo-fences created along with the number of vehicles inside them.
• The ‘Staff’ option is made clickable, and the user can view the details about the driver, including the vehicle ID and Name.
• The top ten vehicles with most engine hours and mileage are displayed in the descending order on the main dashboard display.
New Features in Monitoring:
• The maximized zoom feature is added in the live monitoring so that the user can view the exact positioning of the vehicle on the map more accurately.
• The feature of copying the coordinates of a vehicle’s location is added, and the user can copy by clicking on the option next to coordinates.