FlexiHub Helps in Mass Vaccination From COVID-19

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have taken part in the development process of vaccines and technologies to protect the population. The Electronic Team has also joined in the process. Their flagship solution, FlexiHub, was successfully implemented during the mass vaccination event for 3,000 people in Dorfen, Germany, complying with all required sanitary measures and safety standards.
The event coordinator’s request was for remote access technology capable of simultaneously connecting multiple computers in the remote vaccination location to a specific RDP server located over 10 miles away. Each of the computers was equipped with a chipcard reader for medical ID cards, used to ensure the procedure safety by obtaining medical data from a database on a remote server.
For the entire event, FlexiHub proved to be suitable to handle traffic from all machines simultaneously with no detected issues. And the app’s data encryption algorithm is fully in line with the security standards for personal data processing.
As a result, the event objectives had been achieved. The coordination team and medical personnel expressed their satisfaction with FlexiHub’s performance and specifically noted their positive experience of interacting with the FlexiHub team.
In this way, the remote access and RDP connection technologies of FlexiHub were able to make a positive contribution to the important work done by the medical professionals in the fight with the COVID-19 pandemic.
Source: Electronic Team, Inc.