FLEDGING by L. J. Greatrex is published

ISBN #979-8564909761

FLEDGING by L. J. Greatrex is published

About the Book:
Intrigue surrounding a Russian family’s immigration to England and the subsequent events that follow, is the cornerstone of this story. Seduction, angst, and a will of iron create a series of actions by the main character that develops into a myriad of jealousy, avarice and murder. Despite the rise from rags to riches, destiny dictates, leaving desperation and misfortune in its wake as she soldiers on. With ingenuity her brother works tirelessly to get her life back on track despite the events that threaten to overwhelm her. The story unfolds, sending shock waves through everyone involved.

About the Author:
L. J. Greatrex was born one of three siblings in a small village, having only moved around the same village three times with just a small break when living in West Kirby on the Wirral. L. J.’s career began with General Electric and progressed through to the financial sector of the steel industry, spending the most recent years with a classic car parts company.

Over many years travelling the globe with family and friends, the ideas developed and are used in the Hackers Trilogy of novels which includes Conscious Revenge, Payback and Just Deserts. This series has grown, with a further six hacker books, adding Without a Doubt, Doubt Revisited, Informed Decision, Dark Forces, Misconception and Last Resort, which completes the series. L. J. Greatrex has also written A Penny’s Eye View which is a collection of inter-related short stories.

Excerpt from the book:
“The photograph found was of a torso with nothing shown above the shoulders. This was commonplace, as other pictures taken at the time of the post-mortem would have identified the body.

“It’s unbelievable; they just assumed it was him?” Tom stuttered.

“I knew instantly it wasn’t Colin, as the guy in the picture was shorter and weightier. I told them so, and they apologised. They had no idea who the person in the picture was, as no other pictures had been found, so they surmised it was Colin,” Stephan looked incredulous, “They are still investigating.”

Evelyn, although shattered by the news, was relieved to discover Colin had not been assaulted before he died.”

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