FIT45 DVD Series Gets You In the Best Shape of Your Life In 45 Days, Launches Kickstarter Just In Time For Holidays

Fitness trainer JV ( has cracked the code of getting fit without gimmicks, diet foods, cleanses or calorie counting and has launched a 45 day Kickstarter campaign to raise $45,000 to manufacture and distribute the DVD program. FIT45 is the most effective home fitness system that relies on your efforts and a simple “real” food based nutrition program that when followed can bring viewers to be your best you ever in just 45 days. The DVD program includes 9 different work outs using high intensity tempo training with light weights and a scientific FIT45 Nutrition program customized for your body type and weight.

“I became a trainer at 23 years old and tried all of the programs out there on behalf of my clients and what I found were gimmicks, unnecessary equipment, endless counting of points or calories and eliminating food categories and starving the body with cleanses. I also found these other programs included difficult and unsafe movements that cause strains on the knees, joints and can lead to injuries. None of these “tricks” lead to healthy or long term weight loss. I decided to design a program for healthy weight loss, lean muscle gains, and my own specific tempo controlled exercises, circuits and scientific pairing of muscle groups. To make this program complete, I brought on the best Sports Nutrition Specialist and Yoga instructor and began designing and testing out my program. At 31 years old and thanks to FIT45, I am in the best shape of my life and am thrilled to share my program to get anyone that follows the program in the best shape of their lives!” JV.

FIT45 provides the path and instruction you need to completely transform your body in 45 days-including 9 workout DVDs (45 minutes or less), JV’s Perfect Form, FIT45 Nutrition Guide written by Sports Nutrition Specialist Matt Cook, and the FIT45 Fitness Guide written by JV. FIT45 Nutrition was designed to only lose real fat and maintain and support lean muscle. This goes hand in hand with the FIT45 workout program. We are training and sculpting your muscles with perfected safe and easy movements while FIT45 Nutrition trains and perfects your metabolism which is one of our key factors and why we are able to achieve better, faster, life changing results better than any other programs on the market.

There are 9 workout DVD’s including 5 strength training workouts with JV’s specific upper and lower body high-intensity tempo exercises as well as Cardio Assault, Core Attack, Plyometrics and FIT45 Yoga designed to challenge both beginners and advanced practices. Each workout also includes modifications to support any prior injuries or health issues and was created for people of all shapes, sizes, and conditions. On each DVD you will find JV’s Perfect Form where JV and the FIT45 team demonstrate and explain every exercise included in the workouts LIVE, including modifications, so that you can see the correct technique and how to complete each movement safely and effectively. The DVD series also includes the FIT45 Nutrition Guide – Designed by Sports Nutrition Specialist Matt Cook, the FIT45 nutrition plan allows you to enjoy real, healthy, food without counting calories or points. It is easy to follow, convenient, and cost effective. You will gain knowledge for a lifetime once you learn the true science behind FIT45 Nutrition. And depending on your level of fitness, the FIT45 Fitness Guide is a step-by-step guide that will take you on 3 different paths based on these 3 fitness levels: Beginner, Average, and All Star.

“With FIT45, “Become The Best You” and achieve the leanest, strongest, and healthiest body in just 45 DAYS.” JV.

The secrets to FIT45 Success:

– OUR METHODOLOGY – FIT45 uses very specific high intensity tempo training along with a combination of light weights, high reps, and perfect sculpting movements that will get you quick, real, lasting results.

– OUR EASE OF USE – JV designed the program for easy home use without having to purchase a lot of extra equipment. The set was designed with door frames to simulate the environment you will be working out in at home.

– OUR TEACHING – Other workout programs can be confusing and intimidating with an overwhelming number of moves you don’t know how to complete. JV’s Perfect Form will take you through a live demonstration of every movement in each workout. You won’t have to pause during the workouts or worry that you are doing the movements incorrectly.

– OUR CLASSY ATTITUDE – JV believes that this program is 100% about your results. You won’t see him taking his shirt off in the videos or showing off his abs. His only concern is sculpting your body.

“Kickstarter allows us to engage directly with our end consumer and generate the excitement of what this program can do for them, we are excited to bring this program to market and help our supporters reach their weight loss goals.” JV.

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