First New York Announces Strategic Partnership With FundSeeder

First New York – a leading, independent multi-asset trading firm, today announced a strategic partnership with FundSeeder Holdings, LLC.  The agreement will create an innovative, global trading solution combining FundSeeder’s performance analytics technology and global talent search capabilities with First New York’s trader evaluation, pedigree, world-class operational infrastructure, and trading capital.
Under the terms of the agreement, First New York will leverage FundSeeder’s global reach in identifying skilled traders and its performance evaluation platform to provide capital to leading emerging trading talent. First New York will allocate capital via managed accounts to accelerate the growth of the best traders on the FundSeeder platform. Both firms share core philosophical tenants that are the foundation for this strategic collaboration:  
The purpose of the strategic partnership will be to identify, evaluate, and fund thousands of individuals around the world that comprise the next generation of global trading talent. Emanuel Balarie, CEO and Co-Founder of FundSeeder said, “Since we started FundSeeder, we have had over 17,000 traders sign up from over 120 countries globally. In many ways, we have created a baseball farm system for new money managers.”
Commenting on the collaboration, Donald Motschwiller, CEO of First New York, said, “For decades, First New York has partnered with traders and portfolio managers across a variety of asset classes. We are a risk-aware and resource-rich organization seeking to utilize our competitive advantage to identify and allocate capital to emerging traders. Supporting creative, active, and tactical trading strategies is exactly what we do best. I have known Jack Schwager for years and his reputation as a thought leader in the trading community is well-deserved. We are thrilled to work together to achieve our mutual objectives.”
Jack Schwager, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer of FundSeeder added, “I have been aware of First New York as a sophisticated and equitable allocator to skilled traders for many years. In fact, each of my last two Market Wizards books has included a trader funded by First New York. I am absolutely delighted that FundSeeder and First New York will be working together to offer asset management opportunities to skilled traders worldwide, fostering the democratization of asset allocation.”
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About First New York:
First New York is a multi-strategy investment firm with approximately two billion in regulatory assets under management. Since its inception in 1986, First New York has been a preferred destination for portfolio managers and traders seeking robust infrastructure, formulaic and predictable compensation, and a collaborative corporate environment. For over three decades, First New York has identified trading talent and third-party managers who deploy strategies in equities, derivatives, fixed income, currencies, commodities, and futures across global markets.
About FundSeeder:
FundSeeder Holdings is comprised of FundSeeder Technologies and its sister company, FundSeeder Investments. Some of the company’s early investors include FIS Global, VC Fintech, Holt Fintech Accelerator, and OPIM, the largest emerging manager hedge fund platform in Asia.
FundSeeder Technologies provides traders with a free, easy-to-use platform ( that provides trading account analytics and graphics that most brokers don’t provide. Platform features include:
FundSeeder Investments is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor, creating investment opportunities—funds, investable indexes, seeding opportunities, and customized investment products—that capitalize on the performance edge often found among top emerging managers and undiscovered traders worldwide. 
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Source: First New York