First disaster movie on the Covid-19 pandemic

The events take place in Lviv, Ukraine, where in January 2020 an elderly American theatre director flew from Chicago to work in a local theatre. While being in Chicago, he contacts his friend from China, who tells him about the events taking place in Wuhan. What is happening in China seems rather remote, thus the director does not change his plans and goes on a trip. While staying in Lviv, he begins to receive video calls from his friends from different countries, and their messages are increasingly alarming and frightening. As a result of the restrictive measures imposed by almost all countries of the world, he ended up being «locked» in a foreign country in a strict quarantine regime and face to face with the real threat to his life. His friends and relatives are also at risk in the epicentres of the pandemic in other countries. All are divided by new borders that can no longer be crossed.

This feature-documentary film includes several real stories shared by people who have faced a pandemic in different situations. The film tells about their feelings and incredible events that they had to face.

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