First Day At Your First Job

This is the day that you waited long for. The first day at you r first job is very special. As a young graduate going for a fresher job, from this day you will embark on a professional journey for life. Of course, the day with begin with a lot of apprehensions on your mind no matter how much you prepare for it in advance. Your attitude on this day and also the way you carry yourself will create a first impression for your colleagues and your boss. After all the years of having studied hard will now come to fruition. So, make sure you leverage your first job to give you the right start that you ever desired. And first day is the first step.

Firstly, remain calm in the morning. Nervousness is natural but don’t let it overtake you and affect your behavior. If nervousness leads to anxiety and shows on your behavior with others, it will lead to a negative impression of you. So, keep anxiety at bay and go with a confident and positive outlook. In fresher jobs, other colleagues and your boss would know that you come with no prior experience but that does not mean that you allow yourself to be taken for granted.

Dress up appropriately for the job. Irrespective of whether you know the dress code or not, dress up in formal attire. This projects a professional image of you. Being a fresher, are not expected to wear a formal suit to work but a full-sleeved shirt with a tie and formal trousers would work for boys. Girls may want to opt either for a salwar-kameez or a formal trouser with a business shirt. Eventually, even if your job profile does not require you to dress up formally, you cannot take that liberty on the very first day. Once you find out what the dress code, you can adhere to it later on. Since your first impression counts a lot, you must make sure that you make the right first impression. It will also speak about your approach towards the job.

On the first day, when you reach the office premises, you will have to undergo an induction process. Generally, this is done for all levels- jobs for freshers, jobs for mid level or jobs for senior level. At office, an executive from the HR department would meet you and take you through all the formalities. Since you are a fresher and have no prior experience in these things, you would get all the required guidance and assistance required to go through this process. Also, you must not hesitate in asking and seeking help if you are stuck anywhere. Once the induction formalities are over, there might be an orientation programme on the same day. It might be conducted a few days later too. The purpose of the induction programme is to familiarize you with the goals, objectives, values and the ways of working of the organization.

After this, when you are seated at your desk, and are being introduced to the rest of the members of your team, make a little extra effort to get to know people in the same department. Try and be friendly with everybody. Also, make an extra effort in finding out what your job profile entails. Be inquisitive and open-minded. Read up about the company and its history. It is good to be inquisitive but make sure you ask intelligent questions. You would not look like a fool by asking questions but they must express your desire to learn and not as stupidity. In fresher jobs, your seniors would know and expect this from you.

From the first day itself, create a professional image of yours. That does not mean that you do not make friends at work but remain focused and professional in your approach towards things. Don’t compromise work to make friends and don’t act and sound casual with things and the responsibilities given to you. Since your first job is like your launch pad, it is for you to decide how you want to utilize this window of opportunity to give you a successful career ahead.

Apart from these small tips, there are other general things that can help you establish a positive picture f yourself in your first job. For instance, being polite to everyone, willingness to work extra, keenness to learn new things and pushing yourself extra to achieve perfection in whatever you do are things that will ensure that you make a good start to your career.

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