Launches Online Marketplace That Empowers Buyers

Ever loved something seen in a store or online but didn’t buy it immediately only to find it gone later? Or, perhaps, one might’ve lost something special and that is hard to replace., an e-commerce startup company, announces the launch of its innovative online marketplace that solves this by connecting buyers and sellers around the world in a uniquely different way.
The practice of buying and selling goods is one of the oldest in history and yet has never been changed: until right now. Online, shoppers have been limited to only being able to purchase what vendors list for sale. Never before have buyers been able to list what they’re looking for, sit back and let vendors contact them, and then negotiate a price they’re willing to pay!
The online marketplace is also a no-brainer for sellers who might have items lying around the house taking up space that others want to buy. For sellers, the platform solves several pain points. Sellers can easily browse listings located in the United States and all over the world, and it’s as easy as just agreeing on a price, adding shipping, and sending it off.
Talking about the need for a solution, Founder & CEO Ro Wood explained, “During the pandemic, we saw a massive surge in people shifting their spending online. The problem with existing online shopping though is it’s so limited, because you can only buy what’s listed for sale. But, what if it’s sold out or perhaps you want something else?” is here to fill in the gap and help people find things they’re really looking for, at the price they want, and avoid the hassle of wasting time searching all over the internet. And if that wasn’t enough, signing up is free with no additional or hidden charges for creating a listing of what the site refers to as an “itch” (the item(s) one might want to buy). 
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Source: Find Your Itch, LLC