Finding a Job in The Credit Crunch

With UK firms cutting jobs left right and centre, times are tough for jobseekers. In the last year we all know someone who has been made redundant, had their hours reduced, or pay cut. Statistics show the credit crunch is hitting UK jobseekers hard .If you are looking for work you need to realise opportunities will not come looking for you – you need to get proactive.

When looking for work, it pays, as always, to follow the usual rules; these include making sure your CV is clear, concise, and truly represents you (lies on your CV will only ensure sleepless nights before the interview and will not help you get your dream job). If you get an interview look smart – and before you go remember the three R’s: Research, Research, and Research – the internet is a godsend for looking up information on prospective employers and the fact you have bothered to do so will impress at interview. Be very clear about why you want the job and think of some intelligent questions to ask.

At the moment even meeting the selection criteria and following the above advice may not be reaping you rewards in your search for a job, in which case (a daunting prospect), it could be time to consider something completely different. How about changing your career to something you may never have previously considered? For example, the construction industry in the UK is one area which is short of workers at the moment, and with unemployment among women rising much faster than among men, could there be a solution here? In Wales a drive is underway to attract more women into working in trades such as plumbing with some colleges providing free places and childcare.

Remember -whatever your situation in life -you may have just been made redundant, be a recent graduate, or someone returning to the workplace after bringing up a family, the one unique thing you have is your personality and own particular life experience.

Finally, in order to promote “brand you” let everyone know you are looking for a job; Networking is an invaluable and often overlooked tool in the search for work.