Finding a Job In Downturn

The global economic downturn has taken jobs across the world as its first casualty. There has been a rampant bloodbath in the job market and more and more companies are announcing layoffs by the day. Thus, job losses are no more a distinct possibility but a very plausible reality in these times. What does this mean for jobseekers and laid off associates? Is it the end of the road for them? What is the way to land a job in such a situation? Surely, things are going to be tough for job hunters but that does not mean there are no opportunities left at all. Surely, companies are hiring and there are jobs in India and abroad if one looks around. However, what is required is to expand one’s horizons and accept avenues that might have seemed not so apt before this. And most importantly, keep frustration at bay. Don’t let it ruin your positive spirit and the will to find yourself the right job. You need to immediately get proactive instead of reactive and switch to more creative and aggressive job techniques to be able to find that elusive job in these rough economic times. Unemployed and people who have been laid off are bound to feel negative sentiment such as despair, panic and frustration. While there is no use denying these feelings because they are natural, one should definitely try to manage them in a way that they don’t hamper your job search and further ruin your chances of getting hired. In fact, some experts believe that recession is the time that opens up such opportunities that would not be visible in normal times. So, there is a silver lining despite the gloomy situation. So, you have to remember that just because you are out of job right now does not mean that you are out of your skills too. It is no reason why you should not be productive. While getting a job may take some time, a positive minded jobseeker would utilize this time to improve upon his skill sets and be ready to be embraced by employers as soon as the market opens up. It is just a matter of time and your patience before you get a good job opportunity soon. If there was a particular course or a small diploma that you wanted to do, it is the time to do it but make sure that the course you undertake is relevant to your career and enhances your chances of getting a job. Since recession time is a very volatile and fast-changing time, it is important to keep a tab of what’s happening around. Keep yourself updated of what’s happening in the job market in not just your company but also your industry. This will give you a fair idea of what are your chances of getting a job in the same industry. If the scenario is too bad and there is freeze on recruitments everywhere in your industry, then you might have to look for opportunities in other industries. What is of prime importance at this time is that you find a job that keeps you in the running and you don’t have to sit out. You can always approach a career counselor to seek advice on a career shift. While looking for a job in downturn, it is important to market yourself well. For any job out there, there would be more contenders than ever. So, it is important you remain ahead in the race by marketing your eligibility for the job in the best possible manner. You also need to turn aggressive in your job search. Contact more recruiters personally, network well, keep yourself aware of any vacancies that might be advertised and that might be suitable to you. It is your attitude that will count the most at this time. Your persistence and focus are the keys to get you a desired job even in downturn. At this time of job hunting, you might want to revisit and redo your resume. Ensure that it reflects your capability, skills and experience in no uncertain terms. Prepare a resume that you get you a job with a cover letter that can convince the employer that you are the most suitable candidate for the job that you are applying for. Once you are called for an interview, perform your best and be active on the follow-up. These are the basics of a job search that need to be adhered to more religiously than even in these times with more pro-activeness, a positive attitude and creativity. And remember, this too shall pass as recessions of the past. So, don’t lose heart.

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