Find out the best jobs to work from home – INCOME PROOF – jobs to work from home ——————————————————————————— There are real work at home jobs, the legitimate ones. Many people already earn a living from the comfort of their home. But there are people who are cheated into the scams too. So this article lists real work at home jobs; no scams that people are doing now that earn them money. Of course this doesn’t cover all the jobs available online but there are the recommended ones. Writing Articles If you can write a decent article with minimal grammar errors, you can get published on online directory such as If your articles can be accepted at such sites, people will want to get your service. People surf on the internet to find information. Your job is to get the information which is already available anyway and organize it in a way that is easy to read. The skill to get that information and turn it into article is very much sought after especially by internet marketer. So writing is a lucrative field and something that you need to consider. Affiliate Marketing With literally no money down, you can earn some money online by selling others’ products. Of course there are strategy and techniques involved but it is doable, and by lots of people around the globe. Your job is basically to promote others products and you’ll get commission whenever someone buys it from your unique affiliate link. Survey Taking survey and get paid? Sounds

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