Financial Services Company Launches Strategy That Increases Retirement Income by 50%

Today, Doctors Financial Services (DFS) announced the launch of RSquared Retirement Trust, an innovative strategy that increases the retirement income by 50% with no additional funding, provides tax-free income, and mitigates market risk without decreasing the opportunity for returns. 
According to James Hintz, Certified Financial Planner and President of Doctors Financial Services, “Retirement is an income strategy, not a destination.” In line with this, Hintz states that high-income earners are negatively affected due to the limitations of current systematic retirement contributions and illiquid business assets. As a result, individuals are forced to find unique opportunities to secure a retirement solution that meets their needs.
In essence, RSquared Retirement Trust is a strategy—within a trust structure—that protects the assets of individuals and leverages their current finances to provide a more tax-advantaged income in the future. It’s the solution that bridges the gap between their current finances and their retirement tranquility.
“RSquared Retirement Trust enables people to leverage their existing assets to multiply future income,” says Ralph Pence, Insurance Principal at Advisor’s Resource Company. According to Pence, one of the biggest challenges successful business owners face is how to take accumulated earnings (after-tax corporate income) out of their business or practice without paying double taxes.
For further information, please contact RSquared at:
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Source: Doctors Financial Services (DFS)