Filti Offers Free Samples of Its Pre-Certified NF95 Respirator

Filti, an air filtration startup that produces nanofiber materials for face masks and HVAC filters, is now offering free samples of its NF95 Respirator to help consumers as COVID-19 cases surge. The sample pack includes two NF95 Respirators at no cost other than shipping ($4.99).
Filti’s respirator is a six-layer mask with nanofiber filtration that’s certified 97% efficiency. Constructed using the company’s state-of-the-art nanofiber technology, the material mechanically filters out pollutants as opposed to electrostatically filtering them. Filti is offering the free sample packs of NF95 respirators for a limited time while supplies last.   
“We’re on a mission to protect Americans from harmful airborne particles,” said Dakota Hendrickson, co-founder of Filti. “Offering free sample packs of our respirators is just another way we are trying to safeguard more of our customers and their families.”
With limited, high-quality and cost-effective respirator options available, Filti is providing the most inexpensive option on the market — all 100% made in the USA. Currently, the company is producing 190,000 respirators a week to keep inventory stocked. 
Free sample packs of the NF95 Respirators are available at Filti also sells its respirators in packs of 10, 20 or 50 at
For additional information on material specifications, see the Filti NF95 technical datasheet:×11.pdf 
About Filti
Filti is a company that specializes in deploying cutting edge filtration technologies to make Healthy Human Air available to everyone. Headquartered in Kansas City, MO, Filti launched in March of 2020 with a patent-pending Nanofiber material that can filter up to 95% of airborne particles. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Filti has sold enough material to make over 35 million N95-quality masks and Filti’s 9500 Home Filter is the only MERV-16 residential HVAC filter on the market. The company also recently launched its own surgical style face masks that are 95% efficient at 0.3 microns as well as an NF95 Respirator that’s certified 97% efficiency.
Media Contact: Heather Phillips
Source: Filti