Fight New Coronavirus Strains with Mind Beauty’s AM99 Antiviral Mask

Mind Beauty, a San Francisco, California-based company, continues to help people throughout the country combat COVID-19 and other contagious diseases on a molecular level with its innovative AM99TM mask.
While other masks provide a necessary level of protection, this cotton-based sanitary mask is designed with patented nanotechnology that neutralizes and essentially kills COVID-19 on contact.
In fact, research has shown the masks have up to 95 percent viral de-activation efficiency and provide strong and prolonged protection from the family of coronaviruses and at least 17 other potentially harmful microbes.
“When we created this mask, we wanted to create something that made wearers feel confident in the protection they were receiving,” said Joei Lau, Founder of Mind Beauty. “We’ve achieved this with our antiviral mask and are excited to now offer consumers the opportunity to place individual orders on our website.”
Though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommend wearing a disposable mask with a cloth mask on top for added protection against COVID-19, otherwise known as double masking, AM99 mask wearers would only have to wear one as this antiviral mask provides the same protection as two. 
That’s because the outer and multiple layers underneath Mind Beauty’s mask kills bacteria/disease on contact all while providing comfort and breathability to the wearer.  
AM99 antiviral masks are available for purchase online in singles and packs for families. 
Furthermore, businesses, sports teams, and event planning staff can also customize and purchase masks in bulk.
Enjoy peace of mind in knowing the AM99 mask offers true protection against viruses and other microorganisms. 
About AM99 
Mind Beauty created the AM99™ line of protective face masks as a response to the heightened need for simple and effective solutions to contain, protect against, and minimize the effects of the global outbreak. The result is a reusable face mask that is an effective, safe, and fashionable option that’s early-to-market for users and outperforms other masks in the market landscape. Learn more at
Source: Mind Beauty