Fidelis Freight Transport Services Announces Rebrand to Drive Logistics

Fidelis Freight has officially announced the company’s rebranding to Drive Logistics. The brand offers comprehensive and strategic business solutions, along with personalized 24-hour support, broker negotiations, back-office support, IT services, telehealth benefits and success incentive programs to all the truckers and owner-operators it serves.
In 2016, Michael O’Leary began building a company that focused on the people behind the wheel: the small businessmen and women of the trucking industry. As Drive Logistics rolls out new and innovative changes, it has become a disruptor in the trucking industry with a renewed focus on giving power back to the trucker.
With Drive Logistics and the myDrive mobile app, the company’s clients have the tools they need to haul the freight they want, when they want, where they want — and that freedom is the key to unlocking personal success. “Drive Logistics provides a service that gives our truckers the best pathway to success — a way to make their dreams a reality while focusing on moving freight at premium rates,” says Drive Logistics founder Michael O’Leary.
Not Just Another Trucking Software — myDrive mobile app
As part of the rebrand, Drive Logistics released a proprietary software within the cutting-edge myDrive mobile app. myDrive is a revolutionary business solution platform that truckers can use to negotiate fair freight pricing with confidence and instantaneously communicate with their dedicated Capacity Consultants with the touch of a button.
“Using the myDrive app, along with everything Drive Logistics has to offer, provides the truckers that have partnered with us the opportunity to double their income,” O’Leary said. More income is just one of the many perks offered within the app. The myDrive app will be available exclusively for Drive Logistics’ clients to download in the App Store and the Google Play Store on July 4. To watch the myDrive app promo —
‘A Trucker’s Dream is Everything to Us’
Drive Logistics also launched a film dedicated to American truckers and their journey in every aspect of what they do, steeped in culture and significant human experiences. “I chose to focus on a trucker’s soul for our film’s story as a brand,” says Czarah Cabrera, Director of Brand Management & Digital Experience for Drive Logistics, “because that’s what sets us apart from everyone else. We value our truckers’ emotional intensities throughout their journey as they move everyone’s necessities and our most valued possessions across America.”
1st Annual Meeting and Red-Carpet Event
Drive Logistics rolled out the red carpet for all of its employees in celebration of the company’s astounding success by holding its first-ever annual meeting in Fernandina Beach, Florida, on June 12. The weekend allowed employees to come together to learn more about Drive Logistics’ history and its vision moving forward from its core leadership group. 
“The new branding accurately represents and aligns with our refined core values, mission, vision and DNA. I am thrilled to be a part of this historic moment for Drive as we bring color and life to the world of trucking. We believe in what we are doing. We are trucker-centric. Our truckers and their loved ones are the heart and soul of all that we do. We are here to realize their dreams in every way we can, in every facet of our business,” says Cabrera.
As Drive Logistics continues to focus on meeting the increasing demands created by the company’s rapid growth and expansion, O’Leary says, “I am so excited to work with such diverse and multi-talented individuals. We have welcomed folks from various industries and are constantly searching for talented individuals that want to grow with us. Our evolution as a company has opened up a world of opportunities to us and we want to share that with our employees, our clients, and our community.”
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