Federa Expands World’s First Online Marketplace for Flat-Fee Realtor Services to Kansas and Pennsylvania, Growing Its Portfolio Nationally to Six States

Federa, the world’s first online marketplace for flat-fee realtor services, today announced that it has expanded its brokerage into Kansas and Pennsylvania to help homeowners there save thousands of dollars in commissions while helping local agents build a lifestyle business for themselves. With only one brick-and-mortar office in northern Virginia, Federa specializes in delivering flat-fee, full-service, and virtualized realtor services across a rapidly growing portfolio that also includes Maryland, Virginia, Michigan, and the District of Columbia.
Rather than charging homeowners up to 3% of the sale value as has been the case for the better part of 100 years in the residential real estate industry, Federa innovated a digital marketplace where professional realtors and homeowners exchange value on a flat-fee basis. “A marketplace is both familiar and efficient,” says Artin Javan Federa’s Global Director: “for most people, selling a home remains the most valuable transaction of a lifetime, and as a digitally enabled brokerage, Federa makes it possible for them to benefit from expert services without getting gouged by percentage-based commissions.” Federa’s online marketplace brings together homeowners and local realtors who provide a full-service listing experience on a flat-fee basis.
“The appeal of the marketplace,” according to Javan, “is that new value is being created continuously for all participants: while homeowners obviously save money by paying a flat fee instead of a percentage-based commission, agents also have an opportunity to service an infinitely larger market since they operate virtually.” The resulting increase in exposure, without a corresponding increase in overhead costs, is the key to building a lifestyle business: thanks to Federa’s online marketplace, agents receive leads free of charge and service them remotely, while benefiting from the option of getting paid upfront and converting sellers into buyers. “This is a game-changer,” says Javan. “Death by marketing or spending most of the year just trying to generate your next lead is a thing of the past. At Federa, our focus isn’t just to help homeowners, it’s to create new value for everyone by transforming the economics of the industry itself.”
About Federa
Federa’s mission is to give people the freedom to live where they want to live by simplifying and optimizing traditional real estate processes and transactions. It has succeeded in this by introducing innovative tools that are changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Believing that real estate is more than just property, Federa focuses on people’s needs and creates innovative and technology-driven solutions to help them achieve their goals. Federa’s core principles of simplicity, transparency, and efficiency, lead it to eliminate hassle and ensure a seamless end-user experience for clients as well as agents around the world.
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