“Fatal Credit” by Jim Lawler

ISBN #978-1909086289

“Fatal Credit” by Jim Lawler
Excellent new thriller published by Red Rattle Books

About the Book:
Cora Tucker is waiting for her divorce. She is surviving by living a quiet life that consists of not much more than her job as an economics lecturer in a Liverpool college. She has few friends and a family that worries about her future. Next door neighbour Zuzanna Kowalski is murdered. Detective Sergeant Lewis thinks Cora is connected to the murder, especially when it is revealed that the accountancy firm of the separated husband of Cora launders cash for criminals.

A parcel intended for Zuzanna is delivered to Cora by mistake. The parcel contains £50,000. Andrew, her separated husband, demands help from Cora to evade the police. Charming Mark, the criminal partner of Andrew, issues threats to Cora. Her mother is suspicious, and Detective Sergeant Lewis persists in her investigation.

The life of Cora Tucker is no longer quiet. Somehow, though, she will have to survive.

Excerpt from the Book:
“I am a murder suspect. And I had thought I was doing all right. Since the break-up with Andrew I have not slept nights but I have resisted the alcohol. I am too proud of my teeth for red wine and, when you cannot sleep nights, you need to wake up without hangovers. Neither has my soon to be ex-husband turned to drink. This has surprised me, as has his reluctance to find another woman. The surname of this Andrew, once my Andrew, is Beecroft. His mates call him Beaky. Andrew Beecroft is a decent man but I was not happy. I left him because I wanted more which means I am either sensitive or a glutton. My parents have accused their daughter, or this daughter, of being both and more. Neither did they like me not changing my surname when we married.

I am sitting inside a police station. I do not have to wait long to see someone. The police are as curious about me as I am about them. There are just the two of us in the room where I sit behind a scratched and stained wooden table. The wood is the same colour as the two dogs I look after once a month. On the table there is a digital recording machine that has a grey frame and a black tray for the CD. The machine is not as old as the table. The detective I face is another woman. She is tall and has wide shoulders. I stare at her chin because I am smaller than her and our heads are not level. I notice, though, her green eyes. Her shoulders are the size of pillows. Her hair is half blonde and brunette. No prizes for me for guessing which colour of those two is authentic. Her nose is the kind of thing you see on Roman statues.”

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