FashionCampNYC Turns Career Day Upside-Down

On Friday, December 18th thirty teens will live a day in the life of a retail fashion professional — connecting with major brands and career influencers. Participants will be stylists and pull outfits for a fashion shoot, learn how editors choose web content, find out how designer shoes go from concept to factory to feet, tour a fashion magazine style closet, and see the future of 3D printed fashion…all while blogging and Instagramming their experience, as part of 1-Day Career Camp from FashionCampNYC. The day begins and ends with school, internship, and job advice from fashion professionals and career advisors.

The program is a new offering from FashionCampNYC, a summer retail fashion program for teens and tweens. Francine Della Badia, former CEO of Bonobos and former President of Coach North America says, “We’ve been giving kids an insider glimpse into the world of retail fashion for eight years…we decided to offer a condensed version of the program for older teens and college students who are making important education and career decisions.”

Adds Nancy A. Shenker, the program’s Vice President of Marketing, “We’ve all had those ‘Aha!’ moments when we figure out how to turn our passions into our professions. This program is designed to spark those moments. Unlike career day, kids are actually going out in the field and seeing what people do…not just hearing about it! It’s also a great way for companies to meet potential interns and employees.”

The program costs $699 (with an early-bird discount up until October 31st and discounts for families who sign up for the summer program at the same time). The agenda* for the day is:
· 9am to 10am: Morning Kick-off with Francine Della Badia
· 10pm to 12pm: Day in the Life of a Stylist with Denise Caldwell
· 12:00pm to 12:30pm: Behind-the-Scenes at Teen Vogue Magazine
· 1:30pm to 2:30pm: Shoe Buzz at Ferragamo PR
· 3pm to 4pm: The 3D Fashion Printing Experience at Shapeways
· 4:30pm to 5:30pm: Inside the Fashion Closet at Seventeen and Cosmopolitan Magazine
· 5:30pm to 6pm: Turn This Day Into a Career
· 6pm to 8PM: Mix and Mingle Networking Event and Inspirational Fashion Speakers to be announced. Parents Invited!
*Subject to change

About FashionCampNYC ( :
Founded in 2007, FashionCampNYC offers four five-day extensive fashion programs exploring the world of retail fashion led by some of New York’s top fashion industry professionals, as well as special programming year-round. Campers, who come from all over the world, develop their own brands, hear from industry professionals and taste-makers, and visit retailers, showrooms, and fashion exhibits around New York City.