Fanzplanet Hits a Home Run With Announcement of Interactive Social Networking Space Dedicated Solely to Sports Enthusiasts announced today the official launch of their new social networking space for Sports fans and enthusiasts worldwide. The site will cover sports from the high school level, all the way up college sports and the major leagues, serving as a true to form one stop shop for all sports news, feedback, interactive discussions and more. A huge plus for the site is that it also eliminates the need for die hard fans that have interest in a range of different sports, having to jump around back and forth to and from sites such as MLB and NHL to check on stats and updates. They are now all combined in one central sport home base.

“I wanted to create something different for the sports fans everywhere”, states Founder of Terry Davenport. “One thing you will never be able to change is a diehard sports fan. You also cannot change the fact that for the majority of the general public frequenting their favorite social networking spaces has become as natural and regular as breathing. A combination of the two only made sense.”

The new site is fully launched integrating sports feeds from across the web and providing forums, groups, event and game listings, stats and more. A truly original factor is that will be sending their Fan Buzz cameras out to games across the country to get fan interviews, get shout outs from fans and more allowing them to really show their team spirit, endless support and more. The buzz is already beginning to take a firm hold and is quite comparable to sites that rock social networking such as Twitter and Facebook, only solely dedicated to sports fans. Chocked full of interviews and articles the new site will cover a wide range of sports such as Football, Baseball, Tennis, Hockey, and Soccer.

Membership to join the site is 100% free at and fans can also follow updates on twitter on the username at @FanzplanetFANS and via their Facebook fans page at Members of fanzplanet will have access to exclusive opportunities such as winning tickets to coveted games and more.
For more information on, visit or call 877.841.7244.

Established in 2010 by Terry Davenport, Fanzplanet is an original Social Networking website for Sports enthusiasts worldwide. The website covers a wide range of sports such as Football, Baseball, Tennis, Hockey, and Soccer from high school sports all the way up to college and professional levels. The site is chocked full of interviews, articles, polls, discussions and full interactivity for sports fans on a variety of levels. For more information on Fanzplanet visit