Fanttik Announces Launch of X8 APEX — Advanced Portable Tire Inflator for All Tires & Inflatables

Fanttik, an experienced team of product designers focused on portable inflators, just announced the launch of X8 APEX — a powerful, compact, and versatile tire inflator that provides super-fast inflation anytime, anywhere. With 150 PSI and five preset modes, this next-generation inflator makes tire inflation more effective and easier than ever. X8 APEX is available now, learn more here:
X8 APEX is the ultimate inflator. Capable of 150 PSI with five inflation modes, it satisfies all inflation needs such as car tires, motorbikes, bicycles, recreational inflatables and all kinds of sports balls. If it can be inflated, X8 APEX can do it. Utilizing advanced technology, X8 APEX optimizes the inflation process by speeding it up 45% faster than before, making tire inflation quick and easy. The advanced design packs more power into a compact size, making it perfect for a day at the beach filling inflatables or stored in a vehicle as a dependable tool in case of emergency.
“Having a proper tire inflator can be the difference between making it home safely and being stuck on the side of the road. Keeping a tire inflator in one’s vehicle is a smart way to stay safe. However, most inflators are bulky and heavy, making it difficult to store or transport. Not only that but typical battery-powered inflators lack the standby to remain charged and ready in case of emergency. Our goal with X8 was to solve both these problems. To do so, we powered it with 7800mAh of high-density Lithium-ion battery power that gives it up to 300 days of standby power. Then we created a high-pressure pump system that was compact enough to fit anywhere. Now, users can have peace of mind knowing that they have inflation power at hand whenever they need it,” said Fanttik CEO Bo Du.
X8 APEX is packed with features that set it apart from the other inflators on the market. First, it has a built-in 7,800mAh rechargeable high-capacity Li-ion battery. This high-density power source gives it an incredible 300 days of standby time. It has a handy auto shut-off that detects when the tire is fully inflated to avoid over-inflation. It features a large LCD display that provides essential real-time information, including tire pressure, battery life, and inflation modes, and even has a powerful LED for nighttime conditions. With its extra-capacity battery system, the device can even be used as a backup power bank to charge phones and other mobiles for added versatility.
With a high-density battery, smart inflation modes, and super-fast inflation, X8 APEX is the ultimate portable inflator for all inflation needs. X8 APEX is available now with special deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more here:
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