Factory Direct Medical: An Entrepreneur’s Journey in Revolutionizing the Medical Supply Industry

As it nears its third decade of operations, Canadian online home health care and mobility retailer Factory Direct Medical (FDM) is well known as an entrepreneurial success story that has earned nationwide respect for its achievements.
But for company president Alan Kline, a different kind of respect is more important—that being customer respect. And to get it, Kline has prioritized his business to serve a single purpose.
“Finding the right product for a customer must be paramount. It has to fit their lifestyle, family, professional caregivers and environment,” said Kline. “Our approach is to put finding the best solution ahead of making the sale. If we find the right solution, the sale will follow automatically.”
Unlike its sales philosophy, the founding of Factory Direct Medical was an unpredictable process.
What initially began as Kline’s medical sales agency changed into a medical product retailer, a shift that led to the formation of HPU Medical Wholesale that, in turn, ultimately created FDM in 1993. By offering customers low prices through direct factory sales, Kline used FDM’s unique market position to help make the jump to an online platform.
To date, Factory Direct Medical offers customers a diverse range of medical products and aids for the home market. And yet, Kline’s entrepreneurial spirit was just beginning.
After the Concord-based business became a national retailer offering customers coast-to-coast service, Kline created EZee Life, a brand of products that include mobility scooters and wheelchairs.
According to Kline, the brand is about empowering his customers.
“We promote independence, freedom and mobility through our own EZee Life brand products. We want seniors and those with disabilities to know that they have alternatives to staying indoors,” said Kline.
And, it appears that message has been heard loud and clear.
Last year, Factory Direct Medical was named the Diamond Winner in the “Home Health Care” category for the 2020 Toronto Star Readers’ Choice awards. Although pricing remains a strong advantage, Kline believes his company’s approach to customer service is what put them on top.
“We troubleshoot their needs, improve their quality of life, and offer different options,” he said. “These days, online retail is just about moving boxes and not about the client’s needs, whereas Factory Direct Medical offers the convenience of direct sales in addition to strong customer service and support.”
What’s more, Kline said he welcomes new competition because it forces his business to stay competitive.
“It forces us to be relevant,” he said. “We have to provide and improve on our skills, engage with our customers. If we don’t, we lose our market share.”
With this attitude, it’s clear to see what made Kline into the revolutionary entrepreneur he is today.
About Factory Direct Medical
Established in 1993, Factory Direct Medical (FDM) is a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment and aides committed to providing affordable solutions for value-conscious consumers.
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