F.P. Gonzalez’s New Book, ‘Journey of Discovery: Second Archive of the Magi’, is a Gripping Adventure Following the Three Magi on Their Journey to Judea

F.P. Gonzalez, an ardent traveler who appreciates the desert culture and climate, has completed his new book, “Journey of Discovery: Second Archive of the Magi”: an astonishing sequel that takes the readers to a remarkable journey to the west region. The second installment to the Archive of the Magi series expounds on the hardships of the three magi and their travel companions during this life-changing quest. Join these protagonists on their exploration in the Zagros Mountains, to the Tigris-Euphrates Rivers, and Arabian Desert; and witness how these experiences honed them to be more capable and determined individuals.
Gonzalez writes, “Joining the huddled group, Balthasar ordered, ‘We are going to need to run into the storm, but we need to link hands to keep from getting separated. Quickly, everyone, come together and get close.’
‘Wait,’ Omid yelled. He pulled out a rope from one of the bags. Everyone instinctively grabbed a section of it firmly. With Justin’s permission, the young man then tied one end of the rope around the soldier’s waist to connect him to the group. The veteran continued to counterfire with his bow while walking backward with the group.
With Balthasar leading, they started to run into the vertical barrier of dirt, sand, and pebbles that rose menacingly before them. Holding the other end of the rope, the Ethiopian mobad wrapped it once quickly around his waist and tied it into a knot, although the thickness of the rope and his makeshift gloves prevented him from tightening it securely. With both hands free, he tried to cover his face as best as he could as he led the group into the tempest. The strength of the wind prevented him from moving quickly, so his run turned into a forced walk. He felt the temperature suddenly drop with bits of flying debris whirling around, trying to make their way into any loose garments and irritate any exposed skin. Arrows continued to fly, but the winds redirected their trajectory.
With eyes closed and breathing filtered by the last-minute wrappings over noses and mouths, the travelers entered blindly into the storm.”
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, F.P. Gonzalez’s new book is a deeply absorbing read that provides insights on Zoroastrianism. Historical buffs who are fond of different religions and their cultures will surely find this book enjoyable.
This is a recommended piece that implies a wonderful life lesson on how one’s fears and weaknesses can also be a source of strength and that it is through tragedies and storms in life that a person toughens up.
Readers can purchase “Journey of Discovery: Second Archive of the Magi” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Covenant Books