EyeQue to Present Award Winning Solutions and More at CES 2023

EyeQue, the leader in innovative vision testing will be presenting its award-winning consumer-focused vision solutions at CES 2023. Visitors will be able to try out the technology for themselves and determine how well EyeQue’s products and services work with their vision testing needs. 
While EyeQue devices are aimed at consumers to test their vision on their own at home, the company will present its next generation of devices aimed at institutional and medical facility use, as well as, for the consumer at home. EyeQue will also demonstrate its powerful, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based EyeQue Connect platform that links doctors with patients. These products are aimed at professional use for vision screenings, myopia management, eyeglass prescription, assessing eye disease and progression, and for clinical research.
EyeQue will also be debuting its all-inclusive, one-stop-shop concept aimed at creating a seamless experience from testing at home and receiving a doctor-provided prescription to purchasing great eyeglasses, all from the comfort of home. As part of this exhibit, EyeQue will be showcasing its array of eyeglass partner brands that can be purchased through EyeQue. 
While EyeQue continues to diversify its business, the company stays true to its founding goal; to improve the way people test their vision by making the process faster, easier, more effective, more affordable, and highly accessible. “The future of at-home testing is here and now at EyeQue,” says CEO and Founder Dr. John Serri. “We aim to provide consumers, patients, eyecare providers, insurers, and optical retailers with cost-effective alternatives to the traditional in-office and optical store visit,” says Serri. 
The company has received CES innovation awards and honorable mentions since its debut in 2017 and continues to be a technology trailblazer. “EyeQue is guided by a rich technology roadmap and strong IP framework aiming to provide innovative vision solutions in the US and worldwide for years to come,” says Dr. Noam Sapiens, Head of Science and Technology at EyeQue. 
Come visit us at CES, booth no. 8455 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and “see for yourself!”
Source: EyeQue Corporation, LLC