ExV Agency Announces Global Expansion of Business Development Services

The ExV Agency announced the global launch of their inventive “Business Blueprint” services, a selection of curated, step-by-step business development solutions for businesses across industries. The blueprints create coherent solutions to challenges that often discourage new and existing business owners.
“So many businesses in various industries around the globe were impacted by the pandemic. We know about adapting and evolving to remain competitive, especially given the recent shut-down in 2020,” said Karen Gamba, ExV Agency Co-Founder. “It became clear that business owners need solutions that are easy to access and understand and prepare them for unforeseen challenges.” 
The process of running a business has evolved dramatically over the last few years. Consumers are hyper-focused on businesses that are sustainable, socially aware and create an impact. More than ever, consumers are educated and selective about who they do business with. 
“It is vital for us to look at how the business landscape continues to change. That’s why we created the “Business Blueprints”. Our services are used to help businesses scale effectively, without breaking the bank every time something shifts in the world,” said Frank Carlisi, ExV Agency Co-Founder. “Our mission is to have a range of services that are accessible to every person who has the dream, desire and drive to be an entrepreneur.” 
The ExV Agency serves a global client base and has successfully launched creative, evergreen strategies that their clients continue to use and reuse with great success. With offices in the United States and Hong Kong, the agency plans to expand their services to as many business owners around the world as possible. 
“Running a business should not be a source of constant stress. Our goal is to help owners remember why they started their businesses in the first place or help entrepreneurs who feel discouraged or don’t know how to take that first step to independence,” says Karen. “Plus, we are the people you want to work with,” adds Frank. “We are creative, your business is our business, and we do what it takes to make sure our clients succeed.”
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Source: ExV Agency