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Korea International Trade Association (KITA) and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) have decided to launch an online exhibition of innovative Made-In-Korea products at Tradekorea.com. This online exhibition aims to restore the economy of the international market that suffered due to COVID-19. This exclusive exhibition will grant Korean sellers the opportunity to reach out and showcase their products to foreign consumers.
The exhibition is divided into six categories: Electronics & IoT, Health & Medical, Industrial Materials, Beauty & Fashion, Food & Beverages, and Home & Living. Korea is known for excelling in each of these six categories with exceptional technology and skills. The Korean companies’ particular knowledge in these fields allows them to specialize in unique and creative products in each market.
Roasted Seaweed, Korean Gim
Roasted seaweed, commonly called Gim in Korean, is one of the signature snacks in Korea that has been enjoyed and loved by Koreans for many generations. This traditional Korean snack is produced by roasting the seaweed to a crisp state and is usually enjoyed with the combination of rice and other Korean food. Gim is also often used in sushi rolls, a traditional Japanese food made with raw fish.
Roasted seaweed, developed by Yemat Co., LTD, is one of the leading companies for providing healthy and delicious roasted seaweed. They ensure safety and quality by packaging the product free of any environmental hormones and with a careful selection of ingredients relying on only high-quality seaweed.
Honey Citron Tea
Honey Citron Tea, this specific tea created by Nokchawon, is one of the most popular teas that represents Korea’s traditional tea. It is enjoyed by simply mixing the citron pulp with hot water. Citron tea is known for its effectiveness in helping prevent common diseases and recovery from fatigue.
Honey Citron Tea is well-known for being a rich source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. These crucial components help with the immune system and overall body condition. Along with the health benefits, it also has a strong and pleasant fragrance with excellent taste. It is grown with the sea breeze, rich in sunshine, making the tea high-quality with a natural sweet and sour taste. Citron tea’s benefits, great taste, and delicate scent will soothe the mood in warm winter, cool summer and any other time and location.
There are plenty more distinctive products for each category that can be discovered on the website. In accordance with KITA and MSS, many prolific Korean companies are overflowing with new ideas and technology to continuously replenish the demand for the evolving market. Rapid growth of sales throughout the website is expected in the future along with the escalation of traffic inflow. The exhibition proposes to drive a new aspiration for the Korean companies in the international market.
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Sam Yoon
Source: KITA