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Korea International Trade Association (KITA) and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) have decided to launch an online exhibition of innovative Made-In-Korea products in Tradekorea.com. This online exhibition aims to restore the economy of the international market that suffered due to COVID-19. This exclusive exhibition will grant the Korean sellers the opportunity to reach out and showcase their products to foreign consumers.
The exhibition is divided into six categories, and Korea is known for excelling in each of these six categories with exceptional technology and skills. The Korean company’s particular knowledge in these fields allows them to specialize in unique and creative products in each market.
Mirror Think
Mirror Think, designed by MirrorroidKorea, is the world’s number one Smart Mirror. This mirror is not an ordinary mirror as it is equipped with diverse features and functions to enlighten the hair shop owners with its eye-opening AR & AI-based technology. 
Mirror Think comprises a three-step process in use progressing from simulation, counseling, to entertainment. In the simulation process, the mirror overlaps the desired hairstyle and hair color on the customer’s head and grants them the opportunity to have a glimpse of the new look on themselves. Proceeding to the counseling phase, the customer management is accomplished following their visit history, styling photos, and event notices. Once an approval from the customer is received, the entertainment with its intelligence commences.
TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
The TWS Bluetooth Earbuds, created by ABKO, accommodate all the features and functions that modern trend earbuds have, but at a much more advanced and proficient level. There are two types of noise canceling for the perfect sense of immersion. The ANC noise-canceling technology works by analyzing the surrounding noise using the microphone to generate a “counter-noise” real-time to cancel the surrounding noise. The Passive noise canceling eliminates the noise physically with the ergonomically designed ear tips and earbuds. Transparency mode can be activated to communicate with others or stay alert in traffic.
Along with the noise canceling, these buds are capable of creating pure sound and rich bass utilizing a 10mm large dynamic driver for profound bass and AAC/SBC codec for high-quality audio decoding. The microphone installed on each bud has different functions. One senses the surrounding noise to operate noise canceling and the other picks up the voice and isolates it to deliver a clear message.
There are plenty more distinctive products, for each category, that can be discovered on the website. In accordance with KITA and MSS, many prolific Korean companies are overflowing with new ideas and technology to continuously replenish the demand for the evolving market. Rapid growth of sales throughout the website is expected in the future along with the escalation of traffic inflow. The exhibition proposes to drive a new aspiration for the Korean companies in the international market.
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Sam Yoon
Source: KITA