Experts Weigh in on the Importance of a Waste Management Plan for Shopping Centres

According to the leading provider of waste management services Melbourne-wide, Waste Sense, a well-executed shopping centre waste management program can minimise health risks and reduce environmental impact. 
Shopping centres serve as bustling hubs of activity, providing a range of retail, food, leisure and entertainment options to a constant stream of patrons. If waste is not responsibly managed, it will end up in landfills, where it will have a detrimental effect on the environment. 
With an eco-conscious approach, Waste Sense says the aim of a good waste management plan should be to recycle as much of the waste collected as possible. By creating a properly structured waste management program, shopping centres can benefit from reduced disposal costs as well as added revenue generated by the sale of recyclables. Furthermore, this initiative is an opportunity to teach customers about the significance of recycling and consequently cut down on landfill contributions annually.
Waste Sense advises shopping centre managers to provide source separation bins for businesses as well as clear signage showing the location of recycling services. Other initiatives recommended include providing food court and dining tenants with larger quantities of biodegradable food waste bags as well as regular maintenance of the facility.
It is critical to ensure open and ongoing communication about waste management with tenants for any program to be successful, says Waste Sense.
Bundling the different waste needs of the shopping centre into one intelligent plan with one waste broker, like Waste Sense, will save time, effort and money. Providing independent advice on waste solutions, Waste Sense works with customers to develop tailored programs that improve operational flow and encourage tenant engagement and awareness. 
The custom waste management programs created by Waste Sense for shopping centres involve collaboration to recognise the type of waste being produced and creating a strategy for recycling, composting or disposal. Waste Sense will then deliver the most appropriate bins for a customer’s specific waste type and volume, ensuring they receive the best value for money while also maintaining compliant with the necessary legislation. 
To discuss the best solutions for waste management Melbourne-wide, get in touch with Waste Sense.
Source: Waste Sense