Experts Explain How Outdoor Home Improvements Can Increase a Property’s Value

Homeowners are experiencing difficulty as the downturn in the economy poses a struggle for the property market. Although property prices are on a downward trajectory, there’s one simple way homeowners can boost the value of their property: optimising their outdoor space. Softwoods, an expert in decking, pergolas and other outdoor building projects, outlines the best way to make outdoor home improvements.
According to Softwoods, whether homeowners are looking to sell or simply want to keep up with the increasingly competitive market, there’s an array of low-maintenance, budget-friendly outdoor home improvement projects they can undertake in order to improve their home’s value. 
For homeowners who have a bigger budget to play with and more time on their hands, a brand-new deck is an effective way to add value to any home. Decking is low maintenance – only requiring a clean once a year – and provides a space to host guests or enjoy al fresco dining and living. A high-quality, weatherproof-stained deck brings the inside out and gives the impression of a larger home.
To optimise the deck, Softwoods suggests homeowners invest in comfortable, functional and stylish outdoor furniture. This allows both homeowners and guests to fully enjoy the decking and the rest of the outdoor space. Furniture can also provide additional storage, freeing up space inside the home.
To add the perfect finishing touch to any outdoor space, a pergola can provide a practical, beautiful touch of comfort. Softwoods reports that pergolas are widely considered a major selling point in any kind of home: they protect from harsh weather conditions, serve as a gorgeous centrepiece and can integrate indoor and outdoor spaces. 
For smaller budgets or those who are running on a tight timeline, Softwoods suggests planting low-maintenance shrubs and greenery, adding a raised vegetable garden or installing outdoor blinds in the existing area. Home improvements don’t need to be elaborate or expensive, says Softwoods.
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Source: Softwoods