Experts Explain How a Pergola Can Transform Any Backyard Space

Offering shelter from the sun and protection from the weather, pergolas provide a unique aesthetic appeal, and the right design can completely transform any backyard space. Here, the experts from Softwoods, an independent South-Australian-owned company offering high-quality outdoor structures, explain how. 
According to Softwoods, regardless of whether homeowners do a lot of entertaining or simply want a place to relax outside, pergolas are the ideal way to define an outdoor space. Creating a central focal point to complement landscaping, a pergola also helps to maximise the backyard’s potential by making the space useable in all weather conditions. 
As well as offering protection from the sun and rain, Softwoods explains that pergolas can also offer privacy from neighbours, enabling homeowners to entertain and relax without interference. By adding colour, plants and other decorative objects, pergolas contribute to the overall visual appeal of an outdoor space, plus these structures are also an ideal place for seating or an outdoor kitchen.
Offering DIY pergola kits that are truly unique in their versatility, Softwoods says the addition of a pergola to any backyard space will create a distinct environment that can’t be achieved with any other landscaping feature. From timber varieties to the endless shapes, sizes and combinations of designs, the pergola kits from Softwoods can be personalised to exactly suit the needs and preferences of the homeowner. 
Designed with flexibility in mind, the DIY pergola kits from Softwoods feature structures pre-cut to the precise measurements supplied by the customer and include all fittings, roofing and guttering. 
For those who prefer a hands-off experience, Softwoods also offers a complete solution encompassing custom-designed and built pergolas. Helping homeowners realise the design they have in mind, Softwoods uses unique software to draw up precise council plans and submits them along with documentation on behalf of the homeowner. 
In addition to offering pergolas, Softwoods also provides decking, carports, fences and screens. To learn more, contact the team today.
Source: Softwoods