Expert Advice on Preventing Decking From Getting Slippery in the Rain

According to family-owned South Australian company, Softwoods, which specialises in residential outdoor building projects, decking is a great way to add value to a home and optimise an outdoor area. But to ensure it can be enjoyed throughout every season, homeowners need to take measures to keep the deck safe and free from accidents. 
When building a new deck, Softwoods warns homeowners and builders to ensure there are suitable gaps between decking boards. This allows rainwater to drain off the deck properly – without the right gaps, water will settle on top of the boards and decrease the lifespan of your deck. 
Once the deck is built, there are several things that homeowners can do to prevent slipping when their deck is wet. First and foremost, says Softwoods, keeping decking clean is imperative. Debris and leaves can become extremely slick when wet and can prevent decking from draining effectively. Softwoods advises using a stiff-bristled broom to regularly sweep away fallen leaves, sticks and other waste – just stay away from metal to avoid damage to the decking boards.
If you have an especially wet deck and require them, Softwoods suggests homeowners invest in non-slip decking strips, tape or grip mats. These are simple, budget-friendly ways to create a grippable surface on the deck and provide a safe surface to walk on. For the best results, wait for a dry and clear day to install strips, tape or grip mats. Softwoods reminds homeowners that they will likely need to be replaced on a regular basis but are extremely effective in preventing accidents.
For a longer-term solution, Softwoods says homeowners can apply a non-slip oil to their deck. As opposed to anti-slip paint and varnish, anti-slip oil won’t crack or flake off due to its compressed particles. It is extremely durable against harsh weather conditions and won’t drastically change the look of a deck.
Taking measures to make a deck anti-slip can prevent accidents and injuries and allow homeowners to fully enjoy their decking. For more information on decking or other outdoor building projects, including pergolas and carports, contact Softwoods today. 
Source: Softwoods