Exclusive Interview: Julian Bahr, Postdoctoral Fellow at AstraZeneca and speaker at 3D Cell Culture Conference

SMi Group had the opportunity to speak with our key speaker Julian Bahr, Postdoctoral Fellow at AstraZeneca for the conference, to discuss some of the challenges they face in the industry and their strategies for overcoming them.

Julian Bahr has been a Postdoctoral Fellow at AstraZeneca since 2018, where he is developing new 3D models for immunotherapy target discovery. His scientific training began at the National Institutes of Health under Dr. Susan Bates studying the mechanisms of HDAC and MAPK pathway inhibitors on KRAS mutant cancers. He went on to research macrophage-mediated basement membrane remodeling with Dr. Stephen Weiss for his Ph. D. work at the University of Michigan. Julian is passionate about elevating Ph.D. and Postdoctoral science and has continuously held leadership positions in the research organizations he has been a part of.

Julian Bahr in depth speaker interview can be downloaded on the conference website www.3D-cellculture.com/PR3 in the ‘download centre’, and below is a snippet of the exclusive interview.

What is the greatest challenge for you to personally overcome within the 3D Cell Culture field currently?
‘Our greatest challenge has been to push high throughput 3D imaging to be more complex and therefore, more relevant to patient biology. We hope that recapitulating these phenotypes consistently and easily will open up a new world of drug screening applications.’

How would you like to see the 3D Cell Culture market develop in the future and where do you think the biggest growth area will be in the next few years?
‘I would like to see the market continue to make it easier for non-specialists to use complex 3D systems for drug discovery work. I think widespread adoption of these systems to reduce the number of expensive animal studies but improve on the relevance of 2D models will grow in the next few years.’

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SMi’s 5th Annual 3D Cell Culture Conference
Conference: 10th – 11th February 2021
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