EvesAddiction.com Launches Shamballa Bracelet Collection

Deep River, CT – EvesAddiction.com announces their newest style, the Shamballa Bead Bracelet. Based on growing popularity in the celebrity world, Eve’s Addiction states that the Shamballa Bead Bracelets will have great sales for both male and female customers. They are a popular style at an affordable price which makes them a great style to stack and match along with wearing individually. They are well-liked for their adjustable feature, ranging the length from 7.5-9 inches.

“Because of the popularity amongst celebrities, Eve’s Addiction has already seen a high demand amongst our male and female customers who appreciate the bracelets adjustable feature,” claims Ray Galeotti, president of EvesAddiction.com.

Known for their desirable, high quality, and affordable jewelry, Eve’s Addiction is sure customers are going to take a strong liking to these beaded Shamballa Bracelets. The Shamballa Bead Bracelets have been seen worn by celebrities such as Jay Z, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Morre, Rihanna, Beyonce, and more. The Shamballa Bead Bracelets are also very well known among the spiritual world because they originated as a religious jewelry monks wore to encourage meditation and positive energy.

“These jewel beaded bracelets have become one of the hottest unisex jewelry trends of 2011 thanks to the celebrities who have recently been seen wearing them,” states Galeotti. “Eve’s Addiction is excited to fulfill the high demand for these bracelets with our fast shipping which has always been a strength and a policy, which we promise to keep.

EvesAddiction.com is featuring ten Shamballa Bead Bracelets, ranging from $28.00-$68.00. The Shamballa Bead Bracelets come in a variety of colors from dark to light shades of black, blue, pink, purple, and gray, with tasteful styles for women and masculine styles for men.

Shamballa Bead Bracelets have been a growing unisex style with celebrities and have a high demand from customers. This is something Ray Galeotti has not ignored. With fast shipping and excellent customer service, www.EvesAddiction.com is the right choice for purchasing these trendy Shamballa Bead Bracelets.