Evergreen Podcasts Welcomes Three Women’s Sports Podcasts

Evergreen Podcasts is thrilled to welcome three women’s sports podcasts: Hear Her Sports, Keeping Track, and Women’s Running Stories. Evergreen continues to strengthen its sports genre offering by focusing on niche stories that merit a wider audience and recognition. The new podcasts offer dynamic stories of female athletes breaking barriers, crushing records, and improving humanity. 
“As both a sports- and podcasting-enthusiast, it’s wonderful to welcome these shows onto our network,” says Evergreen Podcasts’  VP of Production, Brigid Coyne. “We’ve been pouring more resources into our sports content this year, and these shows make a welcome addition to this growing category.”
Here’s the new lineup:
Hear Her Sports is a biweekly podcast where host/producer Elizabeth Emery interviews female athletes who have become successful in their sport careers. Over the course of the show, Hear Her Sports has highlighted Olympians, World Champions, and collegiate stars.
“We’re excited that Evergreen Podcasts is interested in supporting women’s sports media,” noted Emery, “Hear Her Sports is a great place to find community with other like-minded women wanting to continue to learn and grow in and outside of sports.”
Keeping Track is a podcast featuring stories within Women’s Track and Field and the running industry. Hosts Alysia Montaño, Molly Huddle, and Roisín McGettigan are three Olympians, former professional runners, and advocates for women athletes. “Keeping Track is a podcast built to elevate women’s stories in sports,” says host and two-time Olympian in 5000/10000m for Team USA. “Because only 4% of all US sports media coverage is about women’s sports, we want to bring conversations about big topics and highlight amazing women athletes.”
Women’s Running Stories explores running and life, focusing on one woman’s story per episode about how running has impacted her life. The podcast, formerly known as Stride Forward, is hosted by Cherie Louise Turner, a longtime storyteller, and runner. “We are so appreciative of the support we feel working with Evergreen,” says Cherie. “We’re also excited to work with the other podcasts on the network and to be part of such a talented, committed group of creators.”
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