Evergreen Podcast’s Very Own Warriors In Their Own Words Receives Sponsorship From Americaneagle.com

Remarkable war stories told by the veterans who fought in them—their own words, their voices, their memories. Warriors In Their Own Words makes history very personal with reflections from the heart and the battlefield. 
Now, Evergreen Podcasts is proud to announce that Americaneagle.com is sponsoring Warriors In Their Own Words.
Americaneagle.com is a global, family-owned and operated technology company of over 650 employees that includes veterans who have risked their lives for freedom. The firm specializes in web design and development, digital marketing, hosting, and additional digital services. 
Americaneagle.com CEO Tony Svanascini expressed the company’s excitement as a sponsor and said, “We’re proud to sponsor a podcast that highlights the veterans who fought for our nation. Our team includes veterans we honor, and the Warriors in Their Own Words podcast is a great vehicle to promote these heroes.”
Warriors In Their Own Words is a production of The HONOR Project: Heroes of Our Nation On Recording. Documentarians Rob Kirk, Rob Lihani and Donna Lusitana have been recording and archiving the stories since 1991. The HONOR Project is an initiative to preserve and share these personal accounts. Kirk says, “We are in the business of reporting history. Right now, these incredibly candid stories from a passing generation are what America wants to hear.”
“Americaneagle.com’s sponsorship of Warriors In Their Own Words is a significant endorsement of the podcast as a remarkable archive of history told in a personal way that puts you in the war theater during the most vulnerable times,” says Gerardo Orlando, VP of Network Development.
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Contact: David Allen Moss, Chief Creative Officer (CCO)
Source: Evergreen Podcasts