Evergreen Launches Lost & Found Podcast

Evergreen Podcasts is proud to announce its launch of the new podcast series that promotes and celebrates true stories of our tumultuous lives during the COVID pandemic – Lost & Found in 2020. This limited series highlights ten profound stories of life and lossduring the pandemic with an All Star cast of Broadway Stars who have agreed to read these amazing stories for the podcast. The show is produced by Scott Simon.
Simon is a happiness expert who has spent the last twenty years discovering small ways to push personal boundaries to achieve greater happiness. Scott studied the “science of happiness” with Dr. Tal Ben Shahar at Harvard University, focusing on the key conclusion that pushing comfort zones is the best way to grow and improve. Simon founded Scare Your Soul as a global courage movement to inspire millions to push beyond our comfort zones and be released from the fears that can hold us back from our best, fullest lives. 
“We all have fears that hold us back.  Fear of failure, of regret, disappointing people, or stepping into the spotlight,” suggested Simon,  “Scare Your Soul’s mission is to inspire people to tackle those fears. And then we build community to support each other as we conquer them.” 
In the last months of 2020, Scott and the team at Scare Your Soul challenged people everywhere to tell their true stories of life during the pandemic. They called the challenge “Lost and Found in 2020” and were amazed by the stories they received. They have selected 10 of these stories – and amazingly a group of Broadway actors agreed to read them for this podcast series. The result, as you will hear, is powerful. The pandemic affected so many people, including our nation’s entertainers. If so moved, listeners are encouraged to support the amazing work of the Actors Fund.
“All of us at Evergreen are proud to be working with Scott to bring this podcast project to life,” noted Michael C. DeAloia – CEO of Evergreen Podcasts, “These are wonderful stories that need to be told and we think will want to be heard. We all lost so much during the pandemic. And yet we found so much too.”
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