EU Updates Hair and Eyelash Dye Requirements

European Union (EU) amends Annexes II and III of Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 on cosmetic products to update its requirements in relation to hair and eyelash dyes.

On November 12, 2020, the European Commission published Regulation (EU) 2020/1683 after considering opinions SCCS/1598/18, SCCS/1497/12 and SCCS/1400/11 of the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS). Due to the potential for genotoxic and gene mutation, the following substances have been banned from use in hair and eyelash dye products:
• 1,2,4-Trihydroxybenzene
• 4-Amino-3-hydroxytoluene
• 2-[(4-Amino-2-nitrophenyl)-amino]-benzoic acid

Stakeholders should be aware of the following dates:
• September 3, 2021 – hair and eyelash dye products containing these three substances can no longer be placed onto the market in the EU
• June 3, 2022 – hair and eyelash dye products containing these three substances can no longer be made available in the EU

Stakeholders should also be aware that 2-Methoxymethyl-p-Phenylenediamine and its sulfate, currently restricted under entry 262 of Annex III in Regulation (EC) 1223/2009, can be used safely in eyelash coloring products following opinion SCCS/1603/18.

The European Commission has also restricted the use of the following six substances, with appropriate maximum concentrations, for use in hair dye products as new entries in Annex III of Regulation (EC) 1223/2009:

1. 4-(3-aminopyrazolo[1,5-A]pyridin-2-yl)-1,1- dimethylpiperazin- 1-ium chloride hydrochloride
2. 1-(3-((4-Aminophenyl)amino)propyl)-3-methyl-1H- imidazol-3-ium chloride hydrochloride
3. Di-[2-[(E)-2-[4-[bis (2-hydroxyethyl) aminophenyl] vinyl]pyridin-1- ium]-ethyl]disulphide dimethanesulfonate
4. Sodium 4-[(2- hydroxy-1- naphthyl)azo]benzene sulfonate
5. Phenol, 4,4′- (4,5,6,7-tetrabromo-1,1-dioxido-3H-2,1-benzoxathiol-3-ylidene)bis[2,6- dibromo-
6. Indigofera tinctoria, dried and pulverized leaves of Indigofera tinctoria L

To fully understand the provisions and restrictions, read our original SafeGuard 169/20.

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