Offers Incentive for Hotels to Attract, Motivate and Retain Employees

As the hospitality industry begins to recover from the effects of COVID-19, it faces two new challenges — a labor shortage and the pivot towards a cashless economy. According to a survey by Joblist, a third of former hospitality workers say they won’t return to the industry at all. They cite low pay and lack of benefits as the main drivers of their decision., a San Francisco-based tech company, offers a new cashless tipping tool to address this challenge by providing a win-win-win solution for hospitality owners/managers, workers and guests.
Hospitality workers depend largely on tips to augment hourly wages, but in a society where consumers are increasingly adopting cashless alternatives, tipping has become a challenge for everyone. Increasing tips is essential to earning a livable wage, which ultimately results in attracting, motivating and retaining workers. has created a solution that eliminates the barriers that prevent guests from tipping. It offers suggested pre-loaded amounts to tip both front-end and back-end workers; solves the dilemma of guests not having cash, in an increasingly cashless society; and provides a reminder for the guest to leave a tip at all. Guests simply scan a QR code with their cell phone, choose one of the suggested amounts to tip or a custom amount and hit the tip button. There is no app to download and no fee for the guest to pay. The product also provides an opportunity for guests to review the service received from hotel staff. More tips and good reviews lead to higher wages and increased employee job satisfaction.
Employees and guests are not alone in reaping benefits from Hoteliers value the product because it generates happier and more productive employees and tracks employee job performance through guest reviews. “Our team members call it their ‘side hustle’ obtaining tips,” says Alan B. Hardway, VP of Operations for SJB Management. “It has been great seeing the housekeepers become more engaged with our hotel guests. It has been enlightening to them to understand that good customer interaction can lead to more tips.”
“Our product benefits hospitality owners/managers by tracking, motivating, and retaining the right employees,” says Nicolas Cassis, Founder/CEO “Employees quickly see how engaging customers increases tips. They take ownership.  An empowered employee will invest more energy into their job performance. In the end, that results in guests having a memorable experience and builds customer loyalty.”
Through, managers are able to track customer reviews, good and bad, by employee netting rapid feedback from guests. is easy for businesses to install and integrates seamlessly with hotel point of sale systems. It also eliminates credit card processing fees and the messiness of dividing tips at the end of shift. “We are constantly looking for ways to differentiate our Company and be a great place to work. The ability for our guests to tip electronically and facilitate a way for our employees to earn additional money is exactly what we were looking for,” said Jessica Neville, VP Operations, Waterview Hospitality & MPH. “We contacted several providers and learned very quickly that was superior to the others. Their service was top notch and the technology far outweighed the others. I highly recommend them.”
About is an innovative San Francisco-based tech firm focused on the hospitality industry.’s mission is to use the power of technology, innovation and gratitude to financially empower every individual and business that relies on tips. strives to create a seamless, secure, and instant digital payment solution that allows customers to express gratitude through generous tipping to individuals and businesses.
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