ESEN and AFK Enterprise AG Join Forces

ESEN and AFK will work on marketing their existing product portfolio and collaborate on development and local production of high-tech products, including Unmanned Systems in the fields of civil aviation, defense and security.
Initially, both parties are to start marketing activities in parts of the world where they are already conducting business. Then the ESEN-AFK collaboration is to be expanded to other regions of the world.
Cem UGUR, General Manager of ESEN, said, “ESEN is proud to collaborate with AFK. ESEN’s expertise in cutting-edge technology and culture of innovation is now united with AFK’s vast experience in marketing and investment to magnify the global impact of both companies. I am excited to see the fruitful results of this collaboration.”
ESEN, based in Ankara, Turkey, is specialized and provides solutions in the fields of Aviation, Remote Sensing, EW/SIGINT, Avionics Systems and Software Development. The company has undertaken programs involving aircraft modifications, certifications, developed unique solutions in Wide Area Surveillance Systems for airborne & land-based platforms and development of UAV Systems. ESEN is an affiliated company of Sierra Nevada Corporation.
AFK Enterprise AG, based in Switzerland, is part of the Swiss family office group of Ajay Kumar. The family office invests in a diversified portfolio including early-stage companies and established businesses worldwide. The group focuses on investments into high technology within the security and green environment sectors.
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