ERP Advisors Group Launches Series on ‘Sunsetting Legacy Software With a Forecast for Cloud ERP’

On Thursday, April 15, ERP Advisors Group kicked off a series of events on legacy ERPs with a webinar and live podcast on “Sunsetting Legacy Software with a Forecast for Cloud ERP.”
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Shawn Windle, the Founder and Managing Principal of ERP Advisors Group, noted that “The cloud ERP model benefits both customers and software vendors because it eliminates issues with problematic, outdated software instances.”
“Cloud-based updates remove the need for supporting countless legacy versions with their corresponding patches and bug-fixes,” said Windle. “And the bottom line is improved efficiency and reduced cost — for both the client and the software vendor.”
Windle was joined by special guest Carolyn M. Romero, who is the Chief Accounting Officer of Gevo, a leading renewable chemicals and advanced biofuels company. On the podcast, Ms. Romero spoke about her experience with making the transition from a legacy solution to cloud ERP.
“The cost of doing the upgrade was going to be the same, or more, than taking a look at a new ERP system,” said Romero. “And we needed software that was able to grow with us. We went from $15 million market cap to $1.5 billion market cap in nine months. That’s huge growth in a very short period of time. And so I needed to ensure that as we move forward, the software is going to be able to handle where the company would be five years from now.”
The podcast was the first in a series of events that will address specific customer concerns with a variety of different legacy ERP systems. Here is the complete schedule of upcoming events:
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