Episode 78 Kim Possible: The human Heart (1/3)

Something I always file against, is replacing Human Work with Automated System. Good for dangerous environment, but for simple jobs, it’s just merciless! Ron also faced bad day now as he may lose his job at smartymart, all thanks to Robot Squad… Episode 78 Kim Possible: The human Heart Name: The Mentor of Our Discontent [Content] Because Ron is never been good on working, his job in smartymart can be taken out anytime – like today, Ron accidentally messed up the sack again. A robot then appears and solves the work for him along with Mr. Barkins word – this is not a good new, smartymart now offered automated system throughout their warehouse. On the other hand, manager jobs are now cleared, meaning that some people are going to be fired!!! As soon as Kim arrived, she soon realized that if someone can be fired easily here – probably her boyfriend. Thats right, the Director Martin appeared to give Ron the bad news – he is no longer needed in smartymart!!! Oh no, this must be the worst disaster in Rons career – what know??? Well, actually its not that bad as Ron thought An assignment is added to him – Martin wants Ron to keep an eye on his naughty son as well as the robot system – failing this, he is fired! What else can Ron do besides accepting? This is even worse than staying with Sean, but whatever, he must do it to save his work here! In the mean time, Dr. Drakken has a new Visitor today – Lurce the hacker! Somehow he seems to fear Lurce so much, but Shego always knows, Lurce can help Drakken out! Yep, they finally located the target – lets go get it eh?